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Barry and Debbie Young



All the things!

Meet the Owners!

Barry and Debbie Young have been visiting the valley for decades before retiring to Fraser in 2011. They have always wanted the whole family out here working together and came out of retirement to make it happen! Not only are they the patriarch and matriarch of the business, but they are our main distillers. If you see them during your visit to Fraser Valley Distilling, ask for a tour! Outside of the distillery you can see them hiking, biking or cross country skiing with their dog Scruffy!

With a doctorate in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from Michigan State University, Jenna has a knack for concoctions.  Try something simple like a Fraser Mule or taste the Garden Glow, every cocktail is crafted with precision and simplicity.  You’ll see her at the bar serving drinks, or in the distillery thinking of the next spirit.   

Jenna Young

Director of Beverages

General Manager



The Chef!  Michael Young has traveled the world seeking culinary treats.  From Argentina to Spain, this is a style that blends the classic with the sustainable.  The pastrami sandwich, for example, presents itself as a soft and crispy flavor resting on rye bread with house-made sauerkraut.   Yet, there is more to the story with  broth cured from Devil’s Thumb Ranch, chickens who eat unused portions of food, and veggies sourced from local farms.  A mindfulness to use locally-sourced products to help build the community is behind every decision.   

Michael Young


Edmund and Rebecca

Director of Sales


Events Coordinator/Social Media Guru


Mom & Dad


It’s not easy raising a family and a business, but this power couple does it both.  Their knowledge of the industry completes the family touch and will ensure the future.  Edmund can be found (or not) in a land of adventure, while Rebecca will be that friendly face that welcomes you to the show.  On occasion, you might find Ryder scampering through the hall providing a welcome of his own.